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Keep files, media, email and bookmarks in perfect sync between Windows PCs
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A smart and powerful software to quickly and easily keep files, media, email and bookmarks in perfect sync between Windows PCs. It’s the ideal solution for netbook or notebook users to keep their data completely sync’d and accessible between their main computer and their mobile computer.

The latest version of Syncables Desktop now includes new, very helpful TaskAssistant wizards, which speed you through the process of setting-up your computers for syncing, as well as common tasks such as syncing two computers, migrating data to a new computer and syncing to popular social media websites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

If you want to wirelessly sync your PC to an Android or Blackberry mobile phone, or keep your contacts totally sync’d on all your devices, even sync Windows computers with a Mac, check out the upgrade to Syncables Desktop called Syncables 360 .

Syncables Desktop for Windows is organized around three primary sync functions, any one of which could be a product by itself, yet all three are fully integrated into one, single, easy to use interface:

- Sync — Keep two computers in perfect sync

Syncables Desktop v7 is an ideal product for syncing two PCs, like a notebook, netbook or tablet computer and a desktop computer. You can easily sync all your files, media and browser bookmarks. Even your email can be fully synced between two windows computers. Syncables, works over both a wireless or wired network and also can be configured to sync manually or automatically so never have to worry about making time to sync. Syncables also has products for syncing three or more devices over a network. See Syncables 360 and Syncables for Workgroups for more information.

- Transfer and Copy — Easily transfer (migrate) data to a new computer

In addition to two-way sync, Syncables also offers one-way sync, to easily move or “migrate” your data to a new PC with an ease you never imagined possible! And, more than just syncing and migrating, Syncables Desktop also offers the convenient option to create a backup copy of your data on any portable storage device, like a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

- Share — Share your media on popular social websites

Syncables integrates connection to Facebook, YouTube, and Flikr directly from within the software, making sharing media easier than ever! Just sign in once to Syncables, then upload you photos or videos to one - or all - of these sites. It's truly easier than ever to share online with Syncables.

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